Tungsten Carbide Blades Grades Performance Indicators

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Variety of commonly used tungsten carbide blades grades performance indicators are different, depending on the operating environment, as well as on the different roles played in the cutter body and then choose different grades.Chinatungsten Online are able to provide many mineral mining class carbide blade series grades ,here are just a few commonly tungsten carbide blades grades performance indicators:

Tungsten carbide grade Density g/cm3 Hardness HRA Flexural strength N/mm2
YA85 14.5~14.75 87.5 2000
YG11C 14.2~14.4 86.5 2260
702 14.4~14.6 88.5 2800
YK25 14.4~14.6 87.6 2600
YK40.7 14.4 85.5 2400

Tungsten carbide blades with high precision and high wear resistance characteristics, has been widely used worldwide. Depending on the product uses tungsten carbide blades can be divided into tungsten carbide wood blades, tungsten carbide cutting blades,tungsten carbide milling blades tungsten carbide saw blades and so on.

The basic information of the general production of tungsten carbide blades:

• Specifications (such as length x width x thickness)

• Carbide grade, or chemical composition

• Surface conditions: rough or grinding

• Tolerances

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