Tungsten Carbide Blades Injury Prevention

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In order to tungsten carbide blades injury prevention,it is important to pay attention to the following points:

1、After the emergence of flank wear and trenches

Consequences: Flank wear quickly lead to deterioration of the surface quality and tolerances, surface quality groove wear can cause deterioration and chipping.
Causes and Countermeasures:
a. speed is too high or poor wear resistance ---- reduce cutting speed, choose a more wear resistant grade
b. oxide ---- select a small number of the main angle or more wear-resistant grades
c. wear ----- reduce cutting speed

2、 there crater wear

consequences: Excessive crater wear will reduce the strength of the cutting edge, the edge of the cutting edge wear resulting in poor surface quality.
Reason: rake cutting temperature caused by excessive proliferation of wear.
Solution: Use selection contains a lot of good high temperature properties of titanium carbide or tantalum carbide materials, reduce the cutting speed and feed rate.

3、 the plastic deformation

Question: After the cutting edge flank collapse or depression can lead to poor chip control and surface quality is poor, wear flank transition will lead to chipping.

The reason: Cutting temperature is too high and too much pressure.
a. choose a higher resistance to plastic deformation of hard grades
b. cutting edge collapse --- reduce cutting speed
c. flank depression --- Reduce the feed rate

4、 BUE

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problem: poor quality due to surface when BUE off will cause damage to the cutting edge.
Reason: Due to the low or negative rake angle cutting groove of the workpiece material is welded to the blade.
Strategies: a raise b to select positive rake angle cutting groove.

5、Chip thump

problems: not participate in the cutting portion of the cutting edge due to damage chip hammering, the upper blade and the support may be damaged.
Reason: Fold back the cutting edge chips.
Strategies: a change in feed b choose another groove

6、 chipping

Question: small cause breakage of the cutting edge surface quality deterioration and excessive flank wear
Reason: Grades too brittle, insert geometries strength is too low, BUE.
a. grade too brittle - ductile good selection of brands
b. Blade Groove strength is too low - the higher the intensity of selection Groove
c. BUE - increase cutting speed, choose positive rake angle Groove

7、 thermal cracking

Question: perpendicular to the cutting edge chipping and small cracks caused by poor surface quality
Causes and Countermeasures:
a. intermittent cutting - Select toughness grade has a higher heat cracks
b. coolant flow change - must be an adequate supply or not supply the cooling fluid

8、 the blade chipping

Question: can cause damage to the knife pad and the workpiece.
Causes and Countermeasures:
a. grade too brittle - ductile grades selection
b. on the blade load is too large - reduce the feed or cutting
c. blade Groove strength is too low - high selection intensity Groove is best to use single-sided blade