Tungsten Carbide Circular Blades

Tungsten Carbide Blades Picture

Tungsten carbide circular blades are mostly used for cutting the pin lines, lead wires of capacitors, diode transistors on electronic ballasts or printed circuit board, and blanks for disc cutter used for PCB and electric fields, also can process to be saw blade with high quality but workable price and prompt delivery .Also we have received the patent about this item.

Grade, performance and application of tungsten carbide circular blades:

Grade Equivalent to ISO Density (g/cm3) HRA T.R.S (Mpa) Application
YC6A K10 14.9 ≥92.0 ≥1860 Suitable for semi-finishing of chilled cast iron, non-ferrous metal alloy, semi-finishing and finishing of chilled hardened steel and alloy steel.
YC8 K20 14.8 ≥89.5 ≥2320 Suitable for processing of casting iron, non-ferrous metal and alloy as well as non- metallic materials at low cutting speed.
YC10X K40 14.8 ≥91.0 ≥2150 Fine grain alloy, good wear resistance. Used for processing hard wood, veneer board, PCB, PVC and alloy.
YS2T M10 14.8 ≥92.0 ≥2350 Fine grain alloy, suitable formachining of refractory alloy, stainless steel and high manganese steel, etc.
SL10   14.8 ≥90.5 ≥2420 High wear resistance, high anti-bending strength, used for lead cutter in electrical line.
G20   14.0 ≥85.5   Conventional wear resistance, high anti-bending strength, used for steel alloy etc.